The fampres poster presents your family in a completely new and unique way: a large-size presentation similar to a family tree. Every person will be displayed in a frame containing a portrait or crucial pertinent information, such as name, day of birth and possibly death. It is also possible to include an alphabetically ordered legend of all persons, which could include additional information such as profession or place of birth. You can also benefit from our unique coordinate system to quickly find the desired person on the poster. The main person is especially highlighted and an optional special dedication will increase that effect even more.

"fampres produces what are perhaps the best-looking genealogy wall charts that I have seen." (Dick Eastman)

Our innovative fampres technology breaks the boundaries of the classical family tree, the genealogical table and the combined hourglass depiction. Even genealogical phenomena such as multiple partners, cyclic relationships by marriage and marriages between different generations pose no problem for the advanced fampres technology. Whether you want to display a small or a large family – fampres is the right choice!

On your request we will send you a smaller version sized DIN A3 (11.6 x 16.5 inches) as a preview of your personal fampres poster so that you can assess the quality of our depiction for yourself – just contact us!

Print specifications:
- large format ink jet printout
- width: max. 30 ft., height: max. 42 in.
- in colour or b/w
- paper: 5 different grades from 80 to 340 g/m2
- preprint in DIN A3 for $20 (payment will be applied toward your purchase of a fampres poster)